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2022, a hot and dry vintage

In 2022, there were unprecedented weather conditions, with an early bud break in March, frost in early April, hail in June, and an especially hot and dry summer. These extreme conditions allowed the owners to determine harvest dates without having to worry about the sanitary state of the grapes.

The Sauvignon harvest began with historical earliness on August 9th in Sauternes, and then spread the following week to the entire white wine region. The Merlots were harvested with remarkable analytical parameters, and the very mild September also allowed for optimal maturation of the Cabernet Sauvignons.

In 2022, all the conditions for a great vintage were met, except for the quantity produced due to the size of the harvested berries.

The vast majority of Bordeaux winemakers make the same observation: how did the vine manage to produce so much in such weather conditions? Overall, both on the right bank and on the left bank, the vintage is characterized by a pronounced nose of black fruits. In the mouth, the attacks are silky and velvety, opening up to a surprising elegant and generous sweetness, before giving way to a beautiful length, ample and persistent, thanks to aromatic and powerful tannins.

We enjoyed all the wines we tasted and, in this very positive environment, also identified exceptional wines…