2022, a hot and dry vintage

In 2022, there were unprecedented weather conditions, with an early bud break in March, frost in early April, hail in June, and an especially hot and dry summer. These extreme conditions allowed the owners to determine harvest dates without having to worry about the sanitary state of the grapes.

The Sauvignon harvest began with historical earliness on August 9th in Sauternes, and then spread the following week to the entire white wine region. The Merlots were harvested with remarkable analytical parameters, and the very mild September also allowed for optimal maturation of the Cabernet Sauvignons.

In 2022, all the conditions for a great vintage were met, except for the quantity produced due to the size of the harvested berries.

The vast majority of Bordeaux winemakers make the same observation: how did the vine manage to produce so much in such weather conditions? Overall, both on the right bank and on the left bank, the vintage is characterized by a pronounced nose of black fruits. In the mouth, the attacks are silky and velvety, opening up to a surprising elegant and generous sweetness, before giving way to a beautiful length, ample and persistent, thanks to aromatic and powerful tannins.

We enjoyed all the wines we tasted and, in this very positive environment, also identified exceptional wines…

2021: The Year of Intrigue

After two years of disruption by the health crisis, the HMS team was able to resume the primeur tastings at the estate in the presence of a number of clients who had come along for this special occasion.

2021 did not leave the Bordeaux vineyards any respite: hit by major frosts in the spring, the vines then suffered from dull weather in early summer, favouring the development of mildew and delaying the ripening of the grapes. As a result, the harvests were late and varied, especially between the right and left banks.

The meticulous, hard work of the winegrowers in the vineyard and in the cellar finally bore fruit, producing classic, fresh Bordeaux wines with reasonable alcohol levels.

Once again, Bordeaux, thanks to its know-how and technological developments, has shown that it is capable of bringing out the best of its terroir even in difficult circumstances.

Because of the differing levels of ripeness between the various grape varieties, this vintage is more heterogeneous than in 2020, but still holds some wonderful surprises in store, with exceptional dry white wines, rare but remarkable sweet wines and heterogeneous red wines, saved by the pleasant autumn season.

Overall, this is a vintage reminiscent of the typical, historic Bordeaux wines that have contributed to the region’s reputation and prestige.

2020, 20/20

After nine difficult months, due to the different stages of Covid-19, it was the weather and the very early ripening of the grapes that left its mark.

The early spring was marked by various bouts of disease, followed by hot, dry weather. The hot weather lasted until mid-September, with two major heat waves in the summer.

This dry period is favourable for the development of the vines, with the harvest starting on the 10th of September for Merlot and around the 20th of September for the Cabernets varieties.

The 2020 vintage will undoubtedly be one of the great Bordeaux vintages.